Monday, June 13, 2011

Publising the android application to market place

Signing is the final step of the development of an application. In order to submit any application to the android market place you have to sign the application.Signing can be done in two ways. Manually and with the help of editor(eclipse). With the help of editor it is very easy to sign an application.
Using Eclipse:

-> Right click on the project
-> In the Menu select Android Tools
-> Select Export Signed Application package. The following menu appears.
   Date Slider is the name of the project. Click on Next.
    If you have any keystore then select existing keystore. Otherwise select the other option and fill the appropriate details. Click on the next.
Minimum validity is 10000 days but 25 years Recommended. Fill the other details. Click the Next.
Browse the destination file path And click on Finish.

Note :
-> Before signing the application check the manifast file for the android:debuggable if it exist then   remove the this tag.
-> Versioning the  application properly.
-> Test the application completely.

If You want complete information then refer the following link

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