Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Android supports 3 types of Application Menus. Those are
1. Options Menu
2. Context Menu
3. Sub Menu
Options Menu :
      It is a collection of Menu items which will appear when the user invokes "Menu" button on the Android device.
                                                           Example for Options Menu
If the item count is <= 6 then all those are displayed properly.
If the item count is >6 then more button will appear default. If we press on the more button then remaining items will appear as shown below.
Context Menu :
    Context Menu is the menu which is similar to right click on your desktop computer. It means it will raise when the user tap or click on a list item it will display a menu.
Sub Menu :
    It is also a list of menu item that will appear if the user selects item in the menu item contains a nested list of menu.
   For example item 3 is having a Sub Menu.
Sub Menu
If you want more detail about Menus go through the following link

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